Aug 06 2022

Hello from GainForest!

David Dao 
David Dao

At GainForest we love to communicate and be open and transparent with our progress and technology. Our team at GainForest has been blogging and collecting thoughts over the years in many various forms.

A couple days after the very first idea of GainForest, we've tried Medium to communicate our vision (AI Smart Contracts, 2017). And again, six months later, when we extended our initial vision to all of sustainability (what is now known as ReFi) (Decentralized Sustainability, 2018). However, over the years Medium felt too old and constraining.

Thus, we continued communicating our vision and concepts through research, our 27-page whitepaper and, later, our shorter 3-page green paper (thanks @sharfyae for the catchy name!), and finally, a video:

But we felt we were moving too slow! Ideas are changing and a month in ReFi and crypto feels like years.

That's why we are now starting (finally!) our own blog! (And shout-out to CarbonPlan to the amazing codebase we could build upon!) Over the next weeks, you will find random short posts from our team on GainForest here! Feel free to reach out to us at anytime in discord or via mail 🌱

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GainForest is a registered non-profit association in Switzerland.
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