Apr 16 2023

We present our Green Globe Hub

Facundo Cajen 
Facundo Cajen

At GainForest, we are creating AI for nature. Our mission is clear; we want to stop deforestation, period. If possible, reverse it. The options the market offers so far haven’t done the trick, and we think that the lack of transparency of offset projects has made the vast majority of rainforest carbon offsets worthless. In the meantime, small projects with real impact are limited by access to capital, and therefore much of their work relies on donations, which, on top of not being enough, can often fall in the category of a black box. Here at GainForest, we have developed tools to bring transparency to these donations and the impact these projects have. However, we are still far away from winning this battle.

As we keep on working to become this Hub where individuals, researchers, journalists, companies, and governments can come to find open data regarding conservation and reforestation projects, we understand that transparency comes first.

However, transparency is only enough if data is displayed in a human-readable way which is why we are super excited to present you our new green globe 💚.

Our Green Globe Hub 💚

As presented by Simge Sandal during #SBSBoston#, here is our new tool.

This new app beautifully represents our home planet and quickly displays different ReFi projects. You are now one click away from interacting directly with local communities in the Philippines who are responsible for mangrove restoration and the first ones ever to try out our Measure-to-Earn mechanism. For that reason, you can see all the payments sent out on-chain to these nature stewards. Else you can visit Bayka & EcoHouse project in Misiones, Argentina, where they are guardians of over 37% of all the bird species in Argentina and home to Yaguaretés, Tapires, and the Melero bear. Feel curious? Watch their fantastic footage from trap cameras!

As we know, one picture speaks more than a thousand words, so you can now interact with different data layers on our green globe, from satellite mode to land cover and tree cover, all in one place. Oh, and in case you didn't notice, there is a function to explore different Verra projects! 👀 

If you know us, you’d know we are Betas; we always get better. Stay tuned because we have more fantastic news to share in the upcoming days!

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